California Dreaming


Lunch & Dinner Menu

Lunch & Dinner Menu

  • Starters

    • Croissants

      Topped with honey-butter

    • Steamed Peel & Eat Shrimp

      Seasoned and served with cocktail sauce

    • BBQ Chicken Nachos 12.95

      Smoky BBQ sauce, red onions, house-made chips, cheese sauce

    • Seafood Nachos 14.95

      Spicy shrimp, salmon, red onions, house-made chips, cheese sauce and lobster cream sauce with dill

    • Chicken Strips 10.95

      Fried chicken tenderloins, served with house-made strip sauce

    • Tijuana Chicken Wings 12.95

      Marinated in hot pepper sauce, fried crispy, with bleu cheese dip

    • She Crab Soup 7.95

      A rich and creamy Charleston classic

    • Baked Potato Soup 6.95

      Creamy soup topped with scallions, cheese, ham and bacon

    • Fried Crab Claws 15.95

      Served with spicy cocktail sauce (Limited availability)

  • Salads

    • California Dreaming 13.95

      Mixed greens, ham and turkey, cheddar and monterey jack cheeses, egg, tomatoes, almonds topped with warm ham and bacon, house dressing

    • Broiled Salmon 14.95

      Mixed greens, bacon, egg, avocado, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette

    • Caesar 14.95

      Broiled chicken, crisp romaine with grated romano cheese and croutons

    • California Club 14.95

      Mixed greens, fried chicken strips, avocado, bacon, egg, tomatoes, house-made ranch dressing

    • Broiled Chicken 14.95

      Mixed greens, bacon, egg, avocado, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette

    • House Salad 7.95

      Mixed greens, chopped eggs, tomatoes, toasted almonds, ham and bacon

  • Steaks, Chops & Ribs

    Aged USDA Choice | Served with a house or caesar salad and side item

    • Steak + Shrimp 25.95

      Two 3oz. filet medallions with crispy fried shrimp

    • Marinated Sirloin 22.95

      10oz. sirloin steak marinated in fruit juices, garlic, soy sauce and spices

    • Ribeye 31.95

      14oz. hand cut

    • Filet Mignon 35.95

      8oz. barrel cut

    • Pork Chop 22.95

      16oz. double bone, frenched chop

    • Baby Back Ribs

      Danish full-flavored ribs, grilled with a charred exterior, basted with BBQ sauce, with side item

      One Rack19.95
      Two Racks26.95
  • Entrees

    Add a house or caesar salad +$4.95

    • Chicken Strips Platter 16.95

      Fried chicken tenderloins, served with house-made strip sauce and french fries

    • Blackened Chicken Pasta 16.95

      Alfredo sauce, scallions, pasta, tomatoes with romano cheese

    • BBQ Chicken 15.95

      Double breast of chicken basted with BBQ sauce, with side item

    • Knob Hill Chicken 17.95

      Topped with ham and monterey jack cheese, with side item

    • Veggie Pasta 13.95

      Roasted veggies, with romano cheese

    • Fried Seafood Platter 25.95

      Large shrimp, oysters and flounder, served with french fries and cole slaw

    • Shrimp San Francisco 17.95

      With mushrooms, garlic cream, white wine, served over pasta, topped with romano cheese

    • Fried Shrimp 20.95

      Served with french fries and cole slaw

    • Roasted Salmon 24.95

      Encrusted with rosemary and thyme, with side item

    • Carolina Trout 23.95

      Grilled with arugula and lemon

  • Sandwiches & Burgers

    Served with french fries

    • Spicy Chicken Sandwich 12.95

      Crispy fried chicken, american cheese, jicama slaw, pickles, chipotle mayo

    • Club Sandwich 12.95

      Thinly sliced turkey, ham, bacon, cheddar and monterey jack cheeses, lettuce, tomato and mayo on toasted sourdough

    • Chicken Sandwich 12.95

      Broiled, topped with jack cheese, bacon, arugula, tomato and honey mustard

    • Shrimp Tacos 12.95

      Jicama slaw, tomatoes, onions, chipotle aioli, queso fresco, with side item

    • New Orleans Po' Boy 14.95

      Flounder, Fried Shrimp or Oysters with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce on french bread

    • American Burger 12.95

      Lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles and Duke's® mayo

    • Veggie Burger 12.95

      Beyond Burger®, sweet soy, Duke's® mayo, monterey jack cheese, lettuce, pickle, tomato and red onions

    • BBQ Pork Sandwich 12.95

      Pulled pork, pickles, red onion and cole slaw

    • Steak Sandwich 16.95

      Two 3oz. filet medallions, lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato, and jack cheese

  • Sides


    • French Fries

    • Seasonal Veggie

    • Mashed Potatoes

    • Creamy Cole Slaw

    • Baked Potato

      after 4pm

  • Desserts


    • Chocolate Brownie

    • Apple Walnut Cobbler

    • Croissant Bread Pudding

    • Cheesecake

Kids Menu

  • Kids Menu

    Served with fries and a beverage.

    • Chicken Strips 6.95

    • Cheeseburger 6.95

    • Fried Shrimp 6.95

    • Chicken Wings 6.95

    • Grilled Cheese 6.95

    • Fettuccine Alfredo 6.95

      (no side)


  • Cocktails

    • Dreaming Margarita 10.95

      Patron Silver tequila, lime juice, triple sec

    • Espresso Martini 10.95

      Vodka, Kahlua, espresso

    • Hibiscus Margarita 9.95

      Hornitos Reposado tequila, lime juice, hibiscus, agave

    • Blue Hawaii 8.95

      Bacardi rum, pineapple, sweet & sour, blue curacao

    • Paloma 10.95

      Patron tequila, Fever-Tree Pink grapefruit, Campari, agave, lime

    • Strawberry Rhubarb Smash 9.95

      Woodford Reserve bourbon, strawberry and rhubarb, lemon

    • Coastal Dream 8.95

      Rum, Elderflower, Fever-Tree ginger beer, brown sugar, mint, rosemary

    • Watermelon Citrus Cooler 10.95

      Grey Goose vodka, St. Germaine, watermelon, pineapple, lemon

  • Barrel-Aged Cocktails

    Aged 14 days in charred oak

    • Old Fashioned 12.95

      Maker's Mark Livin' the Dream

    • Manhattan 12.95

      Knob Creek Rye

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